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Coral Opening Times Today

As one of the UK's favourite bookies, we're constantly being asked for Coral opening times today, tomorrow and every other day! We're here to tell you everything you want to know about Coral, and how their opening times and days compare to other top bookies. All About Coral Coral is a chain of betting shops and owned by GVC Holdings. It was founded by Joe Coral who had a side job as a bookies runner - way back in the day! After gaining experience in the industry, he set up a betting business at Haringey and White City greyhounds, and once the law changed to make betting legal, he opened a licensed bookies. By the end of the 70s, it had over 650 shops. Coral was one of the first to jump on the bandwagon with internet betting. It's now an established online bookies, as well as a high street store, and they boast over 1800 shops in the UK, with more under a different name in Europe. Despite the move to online betting, Coral opening times today are similar to what they were before the digital revolution, as many people are still choosing to visit the high street bricks and mortar stores over Coral's still thriving online website. Where Can I find Coral? With nearly 2000 shops in the UK, it shouldn't be too difficult to find your nearest Coral bookies, and many small towns have their own Coral on their high street. Coral Opening Times Today If you're a Coral fan, you're going to need to know Coral's opening times today, and everyday of the week! The times of Coral vary depending on the location, but most Coral stores open at around the same time as standard high street shops, between 8.30-9.30 and close a lot later. The day of the week plays a part, as most Coral stores close a lot earlier on a Sunday. Coral bookies outside London in smaller towns usually close at 9.30pm.

Some Coral stores in London and larger cities can close as late as 10 pm, although it's always worth checking with the individual store as well as the day of the week. Coral is open every day of the week, often opening and closing slightly earlier on Sundays. Coral Bank Holiday Opening Times Coral is usually open on bank holidays. It stays open virtually every day aside from Christmas Day. A Boxing Day trip to the bookies is a much loved tradition all over the UK. How do Coral Opening Times Today Compare to Other Bookies? The Coral opening times today will be similar to other high street bookies, as they are constantly in competition with each other. Check out William Hill, Ladbrokes or Betfred if there's no Coral around you - these bookies will be open 9am to late. What are the Most Popular Bets at Coral? Money can be wagered on practically any event, from sporting world cups to Royal baby names! If you want a serious thrill, the biggest sporting events are the best ones to bet on at Coral. The FIFA World Cup brings with it a huge amount of bets made, and the Grand National is another that sees Coral filled with punters. The Super Bowl is loved in the US, but bets can be made in Coral stores too. The FIFA World Cup takes an estimated 70% of the gambling industry's income. It occurs every 4 years, with the next one in 2022. The Grand National occurs once a year and is one of the most popular events to bet on in the UK.

Coral Opening Times Sunday

The prize fund is usually £1 million, and this event sees people who don't usually bet on horse racing flooding their local bookies! The Super Bowl occurs once a year, usually in February and is a great watch from start to finish. Due to the time difference, UK kick off time is usually 11.30pm, but this doesn't stop people from betting online on the outcome. Types of Bets Like most bookies, Coral has a range of bets you can make. This includes straight forward bets like a win, and place, as well as double, treble and accumulators. They have a range of more complex bets like Trixie, Yankee, Super Yankee and Goliath, so we recommend reading up on them before you get started. Win: This is a bet that produces a return if the selection wins Placed: Produces a return if the selection gets placed Each-Way: Produces a return if the selections wins or gets placed Single: A bet on just one outcome Double / Treble / Accumulator: A bet on a few outcomes, where the return from the first is staked on the second and so on. If the first loses, the entire bet will be lost. If the first wins, the return will be staked onto the second. The Rules at Coral Coral is committed to encouraging responsible gambling, and has a set of rules in place to enforce this. To enter a Coral shop you must be over 18, and those who look under the age of 21 may be asked for their ID. For each sporting event, Coral have a maximum daily payout on each bet.

Their limits refer to the total return on the bet, and is different for each sport or event. Betting at Coral Online If you can't possibly wait for the Coral opening times today, you can also bet online. Coral have an established website that allows betting as well as online gaming, bingo, poker and live casino. Events include Formula 1, boxing, cricket and American Football - plus all the usual! While visiting a high street Coral store can provide a serious thrill, their website is easy to navigate and can be accessed all through the day - and night! Online Rules The online rules are similar to the rules in the shop, with a limitation on winnings depending on the event. They also have a number of deals available, including free bets when you sign up and promotions for specific events. By opening an online account, you are agreeing that you are over 18 years of age.