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Betfred Opening Times Today Betfred was established in Salford in 1967, under the name of Done Bookmakers. Set up by Fred and Peter Done, the company started after the two men won a large amount of cash thanks to a bet they placed. Indeed, they had bet on England to win the FIFA World Cup in 1966, when the team successfuy beat West Germany by a stunning 4-2 score. This was a great time not only for the English team who became known as the 'Wingless Wonders', but also for the two Done men who decided to invest all their winnings into creating the bookmaker company which remains to this day. After 1966, the company grew rapidly and it acquired a chain of bookmakers known as Robert Walker, which truly accelerated its growth and brought its total number of betting shops to just over 100. Done Bookmakers continued growing and reached 200 shops across the U.K by the year 2000. During this time it also successfully opened its first bookmaker shop in the Greater London area, a crucial step forward for the brand. A few years later, the company went through a rebranding phase and it is since then that they have been known as Betfred. Betfred reached the 500 shop mark soon after, and in 2006 reached a turning point when it was made the official betting partner of Manchester United at the newly built Wembey Stadium. Around the same time, the company launched their online betting presence. The bookmaker works in a similar way to a lot of its rivals in the industry, by setting odds on the outcome of sporting events. It is important to have a basic understanding of how this is done, in order to understand why Betfred's odds are advantageous to bet on. Modern bookmakers use very sophisticated technology and make use of data science in order to allow them to calculate and determine the odds on every possible bet. It is key to know that bookies will always add on their own margin to the odds, in order to make a consistent profit. This is called the vigorish, and is the way Betfred is able to stay in business. To understand this, we can take the simple example of a coin toss. If Betfred were to offer true odds, they would be offering equal money, which would equal to 1/1 in fractional odds. Betfred would be very likely to lose money at every bet placed and would be taking a 50% risk. To avoid this scenario, the vig is always built into the odds, which in theory guarantees that whatever the outcome, the bookmaker will not be at a loss. Betfred prides itself on its various bonuses, which gives punters a good return on their money for every bet placed and won. This entails that the vigorish incorporated by Betfred into the odds is close to what we call the 'true odds' and allows for punters to make the most they possibly can from their successful bets. During Betfred's opening times, a meeting the company names the '2 Best Odds Guaranteed meeting' take place twice every day. This is not something that takes place just in the headquarters of the company, but instead, it happens in every single licensed betting office the company has. This goes towards ensuring that the odds are set in the best way possible for punters, in real-time and throughout all of Betfred's opening times. This differentiates the brand massively from its competitors and is part of the reason Betfred is able to retain a loyal customer base who are always present during the bookmaker's opening hours on the highstreets of the U.K. The highstreet retail side of the business is so consequent nowadays that finding Betfred opening times will never be an issue. If ever you are in doubt however, entering 'Betfred opening times today' into google will quickly provide you with the list of Betfred bookmakers near you with their opening and closing times. Today, there are 1,600 Betfred bookmaker shops scattered across the streets of the U.K so you can be sure to find a shop near you. Betfred highlights the advantages of visiting their licensed betting offices on their website, and makes it clear as to why you will be looking for Betfred opening times! First of all, the brand puts an emphasis on the sense of community as well as the fun and friendly environment within their highstreet locations. As mentioned above, the brand also prides itself on advantageous in-store bonuses and promotions that it puts forward on a daily basis and which allow it to differentiate itself from the rival bookmakers of the industry. The bookmaker also boasts boosted odds on Wednesday and Saturday mornings through the 'Fred Pushes' in-store events. As well as this, Betfred equips all of its licensed betting offices with the latest 55″ TV in multi-view and video wall technology, through which it constantly broadcasts Sky Sports and BT Sports! As well as this the company guarantees that every single U.K and Irish horserace will be broadcasted in the licensed betting offices. However, Betfred does not pride itself only on its online and highstreet presence, but also on its extensive presence in sports sponsorship. Indeed, two of Betfred's most recent sponsorship deals include an important title sponsor deal for the Betfred British Masters, an important golf tournament. This deal was struck in March 2019 and has been agreed upon for an intial two years. As well as this, Betfred is the official sposnsor for the World Matchplay darts for the two years, an event broadcasted by Sky and which gives the Betfred brand fantastic exposure. Betfred shops being so numerous on the highsteerts of the UK today, it is not difficult to find Betfred opening times that will fit into your schedule whatever it may be. For most highstreet locations, the bookmaker's shops will be open between 8am or 9am, until 9pm or 10pm, depending on locations.