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When in the UK or in a major town all over the country you might need the Coral Opening Times for a shop close to your home or in your area. Wherever you are in the UK you’ll be able to conveniently locate the opening hours you need on any day in the week or year. If you need to Coral Opening Times Today. Then you can find the hours and closing conveniently and with ease on our site so you’ll easily be able to locate what you need within a short period of time. You should also remember that you can signup for the welcome opening offer for new players and this will allow you to bet online for 24 Hours per day at any time and any day throughout the entire year. This will be a much more convenient way to bet while on the go via the mobile app or while watching a football game at home on your iPad or MacBook. I also need the Coral Opening Times Sunday.

Coral Betting Shop Opening Times

Coral Betting Shop Opening Times Today

Coral is one of the top bookmakers in the UK, offering a huge array of different betting odds on sports and events, alongside some brilliant casino games and slots. The UK is home to an enormous number of Coral bookmakers, with over 1,800 different Coral betting shops to be found up and down the country. If you're looking for a great place to enjoy casino games and sports betting, you should definitely consider a trip to your nearest Coral. To find it, simply enter your postcode into our handy store locator and you'll see where to find your nearest Coral shop. We'll even show you the latest information on your nearest stores, including Coral opening times today. What is Coral? Coral is one of the most popular bookmakers in the UK today, and it's been around for a long time too! The chain of bookmakers first began back in the 1920s, when Coral was established by Joe Coral. In 1926, Joe Coral opened pitches at racecourses, where greyhound racing fans could place bets on their favourite dogs in the hope of winning some great payouts. Since then, the business has grown. One of Coral's highlights was its 1970s merger with a big competitor known as Mark Lane. Later in the same decade, Coral became known as the Coral Leisure Group, and started to make plans to expand into other betting markets. Coral has merged with several other businesses over the decades, and undergone a fair few name changes too. Most recently, Coral was acquired by GVC Holdings. This acquisition occurred in 2018, and Coral is run by the business now. The change hasn't affected the games on offer at Coral though, nor has it changed the experience on offer at Coral's many UK shops.

What can I bet on at Coral?

Coral began as a collection of pitches at greyhound racecourses, and you can still bet on greyhound racing at Coral shops today. However, there are far more options on offer at today's Coral stores than there used to be! Coral shops are well known for their extensive sports betting options. At Coral, you'll find great odds on a huge array of different sports, including football, cricket, rugby, boxing, golf, tennis, athletics and horse racing. Casino games are also on offer at Coral. In store you can play casino games via a collection of fast-paced, action-packed machines. You'll also find video slot machines, and plenty of other exciting and unusual games to try out. Coral's collection of online casino games are also available to play via the bookmakers' website. You can play online via your desktop computer, or choose mobile-friendly options to play on your smartphone or tablet. How can I find out Coral opening times today? Before you take a trip to your nearest Coral shop, it's a good idea to double check the latest information on Coral opening times today. To do so, you just need to enter your postcode into our store locator to find today's opening times at your nearest Coral shop. Most Coral bookmakers tend to open and close at similar times, so you can expect that your nearest Coral will usually open around 9:30am during the week, closing late at around 10pm. Coral bookmakers often operate different opening hours at the weekend, and many stores open their doors earlier on a Saturday, at 8:30am. Sunday hours are usually shorter at the vast majority of UK Coral shops.

As a rule, you can expect to see Coral shops opening a little later on a Sunday, at around 10am, and closing earlier at around 6pm. Coral shops open on the vast majority of bank holidays, enabling betting fans to make the most of those extra days off. However, it's always worth checking the latest information on bank holiday opening times at your nearest Coral shop to ensure that the store is open for business. How will I find my nearest Coral? It's easy to find a great Coral shop near you. Our store locator makes finding your closest Coral shop simple as can be. Just enter your postcode and you'll immediately see which shops are located near you. Coral operates over 1,800 stores across the UK, so almost all UK towns and cities are home to at least one Coral store. Some of the bigger towns have several different Coral shops to choose from. Check your location using the store locator and no doubt you'll find many different options within easy reach of your home or workplace. With the location in hand, you can make your way to the destination. Coral shops aren't difficult to find, and you definitely won't miss the shop once you get there. Every UK Coral shop is easily recognisable with a bold, bright blue colour scheme and a huge Coral sign above the door.

Coral Opening Times Sunday

You won't miss it! When is Coral shut? Like many UK bookmakers, Coral shops are open and busy throughout bank holidays. You don't need to worry about Coral shops being shut on Sundays either, as the vast majority of UK Coral stores will be open for business throughout the weekend. Just watch out for those shorter Sunday hours. Coral shops are only shut on one day every year, and that's Christmas Day. All UK bookmakers are shut on Christmas Day, but they tend to operate longer hours on Christmas Eve and Boxing Day to make up for it. If you're thinking of making a trip to your nearest Coral shop during the festive season, make sure you take the time to research any special Christmas opening hours. --- Find your nearest Coral shop using our store locator and get the latest information on Coral opening times today. Then it's just a case of making your way to the nearest Coral to discover brilliant betting odds, promotions, offers and more. Look out for some amazing sports betting options, top quality online casino games and a huge array of incredible themed video slots.

Coral Betting Shop Opening Hours

Coral Opening Hours Today

There are a huge number of betting shops in the UK but it's always best to check the opening hours and closing times before you set off. They are likely to change each day so it's always a good idea to confirm. We provide all the latest opening hours for betting shops throughout the UK.